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Boat Trips


Boating in Angra do Heroísmo.

We will provide you guided boat tours with excellent conditions.

All this guaranteed by a competent team, prepared and dedicated to you. A team concerned with the preservation of species, the marine environment and your safety.


Please feel free to contact me.
ask for: Francisco

Cell-Phone:   96 630 2479
(International calls dial prefix: 011-351)


Atlantic Boat Rides
in Angra do Heroísmo's Bay

"Dear Visitor,
If you're looking for
a relaxing and extremely pleasant
boat ride,
out of Angra do Heroísmo's Bay,
you found the right people."
"I guarantee you will be provided:
-  A relaxing ride,
-  A chance to fish or dive,
- A chance to enjoy a relaxing

All this, plus, a great chance to watch sea birds in their natural environment.

Enjoy excellent moments at sea while visiting the Island of Terceira.

Please, contact us…

We’re always waiting for you !”

Technical Support and Maintenance: 

Auto Teves Mechanical Atelier

Santo Amaro - Ribeirinha
Phone: 295 662120


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